3 tips Why you should learn language?

By Anerys McMahon-Ford

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Why you should learn to speak English

Why You Should Learn to Speak English


1.     English is one of the world’s official languages in multiple countries.

Why should I take the time to learn English if nobody I know extensively uses it? With hundreds of millions of people speaking English around the world, it’s not too difficult to make new friends.

This will allow you to have more friends, and those friends will speak English. English is the first or second recognized language in many countries, it’s not just another language that other people know.

There are not only native English speakers, but people from other countries who speak English as their second language.

You could be in a country where nobody speaks English and English isn’t a recognized language, and still connect with someone.

There are increased people speaking English every year around the world.

If you start with a simple understanding, the more you use the new language and the more people you speak to, the more uncommon phrases and words you’ll be able to use regularly.

Keep reading to find more reasons why you should take the time to learn English and how it can benefit your life, even if you do not live in a English-speaking community.

Why you should learn to speak English
Learn English? It can lead you to a better job

2.     Speaking one or more languages can help you land a better job.

When crafting your resume, make sure to put your second language in the skills section, as it will be vital for some companies.

Many employers will hire someone who can speak more than one language before they hire someone who only speaks English, especially in certain areas of the country.

Some of our southern states have a lot of English-speaking patrons that may not also know English.

These customers will be pleased to have someone working with them, knowing that you took the time to learn a second language just to better serve them.

Some jobs may even pay for you to learn a second language because they need to have someone in the company who can write, interpret, and/or speak English.

Web sites that are directed at English-speaking consumers are excluding a sizeable portion of the population, so a lot of companies will need someone to write advertisements and articles in English as well.

There are many opportunities available for freelance work online that you will have access to if you can speak and write in English.

If you can speak English, you’ll be better able to work a new country, which will provide countless opportunities for you to enjoy.

Some of the jobs available could be standard everyday jobs such as in the food industry or hospitality services, but other jobs could be as simple as being able to tutor native English-speakers in your first language.

The opportunities for a new or better career will be exponentially higher if you can communicate in a second language.

3.     You will be able to experience other countries more comfortable by learning to speak English.

If you travel, retire, or move to another country, you’ll need to be able to get around and communicate to meet your personal or professional needs. If you can speak the language, you’ll have a much harder time getting lost.

It’s also harder to hoodwink a tourist if that tourist knows they’re being swindled. You’ll also be able to understand what others are saying and it will please the people you will speak to when you are in English-speaking country.

You’ll be able to ask for help if you need it and you’ll know who to ask for the help you need.

You may also be eligible to take business trips or study abroad if you can speak another language. If you can provide what your company needs in an English speaking, you will be able to experience events and places that someone else could only dream of.

You’ll also be able to find cheaper accommodations and be able to haggle in different parts of the world, instead of being stuck with the tourist fees.

4.     You will be able to form new relationships if you learn English.

A major reason that you should learn English is how many unique people you will meet. You will be able to make friends everywhere you go.

Whether you’re in Europe, the United States, or South America, you will have an easier time finding someone to talk to if you speak more than one language.

The English-speaking people of the world have a wonderful, diverse culture. They have strong family values, and you can learn so much from them if you’re able to understand them.

If you’re able to speak English effectively, you could find yourself forming bonds with the most amazing people you have ever met.

They’re also incredibly creative with beautiful works of art for you to enjoy and learn about.

Learning to speak English exponentially increases the number of people you could meet that could become your spouse.

When there are so many people inhabiting our planet today, why stop at just those who speak your first language, when the person you are meant to be with could speak English?

You’ll not only be able to connect with more prospective partners, but you’ll also fit right into their family if you can understand what they’re saying.

Being able to share your ideas and values is a lot more inspiring than wondering if people are talking about you and what they might be saying.

5.     You will be able to enjoy media and culture that you didn’t have before.

There are so many wonderful arts that you can enjoy when you can speak and understand a second language.

For example, you will be able to understand and enjoy all the English-speaking movies, increasing your access to some of the best films of all time.

There are thousands of English books, podcasts, theater shows, and songs that you can also check out to brighten your day.

Why not learn English, to understand what your favorite singers like Pitbull, Becky G, and Camila Cabello are singing about?

When you learn to speak English, you’ll be able to understand what you’re eating in new establishments and order more confidently. This will allow you to enjoy new foods, and even sometimes order things that aren’t on the English menus in different countries.

The cuisine that the English-speaking people specialize in is exquisite and it’s just another reason why you should learn to speak English.

If you choose to volunteer your time helping impoverished and struggling English-speaking communities, you’ll be able to help more effectively if you can speak their language.

From building homes and schools in helping children in orphanages, your experience will be dramatically different, more engaging, and more memorable if you could actively communicate with everyone involved.

You may even be eligible for fully funded trips if you can effectively help manage the tasks that need to be done, opening more opportunities than you had before.


6.     It’s not a difficult language.

Children who are raised speaking more than one language are more likely to succeed. They’ll have better problem-solving skills and already be set up for better careers when they grow into adults.

Their socioeconomic status has a higher chance of being better than those who only speak one language, so they’ll be better off financially and have better prospective futures as well.

It’s easier to learn English with someone else so that you can both practice speaking the language. It will be harder for you to forget if you have someone to talk to regularly, whether they’re a new online friend or someone that you’ve known for years.

If you have children and English with them, your children will be more fluent in English and you’ll both learn faster.


7.     Learning a new language is greatly beneficial in unexpected ways.

Learning English can also help you understand, speak, and spell in your first language better than you did before.

You’ll come to know the Latin roots of some words and you’ll be surprised at how easy spelling and grammar are in English compared to English.

Not only that, but it’s actually easier to learn even more languages once you’ve become fluent in two!

As we age, our memories begin to fade. Another reason why you may consider learning to speak English is that studies have shown that speaking another language can help you retain your memory longer.

If your family has a history of dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, you may be able to help you avoid those complications for as long as possible.

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