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Learn English grammar online with our easy step by step free course exercises. This will be an important task to undertake, regularly.

You may want to improve your understanding, whether spoken or written. However, starting it is never easy. If you want to communicate effectively in this language, then enrolling in a course can help.

The good news is there are numerous online courses available for free. This means that you will learn how to form correct sentences.

Also, you will be guided on how you can improve your English grammar skills and much more.

Please keep reading to find out where you can learn English Grammar online step by step and for free.

Learn English grammar online step by step
Need a detail explaination of English Grammar?

Why Learn English Grammar online step by step?   

If you are still unsure whether or not to start a free online course to help you learn English grammar, understanding the importance of doing so can help you decide.

To begin with, it is important in sentence construction. It is no doubt any sentence you come across, whether you read it in a text, or hear it when it is spoken, shows how vital grammar is.

Whether it is a book you are reading or a speech you are listening to, good grammar is key, and if you want to sharpen the quality of your sentences, then learning English grammar is important.

Additionally, using good grammar means you follow the rules of the language. Just as you would do in any game with rules, take your time to learn to apply the rules where necessary and use the language effectively.

Moreover, you will understand how sentences and paragraphs are made and how you can make them precise and interesting. Don’t be scared to make errors in the process of learning.

The beauty of English grammar is that you can apply it in your daily life. Numerous activities you undertake in the day revolve around its use, regardless of the language.

When you learn, you can communicate better at work, school, store, or the mall. Therefore, mastering and understanding it is vital, so you don’t experience any communication barriers.

What’s more, when you understand English grammar, you will be confident in your speech or writing and can freely express yourself with no hesitations.

Therefore, it is important to learn English grammar online step by step, to speak and write English confidently and fluently. It is a terrific way of interacting with others through speech and writing.

However, can you get English Grammar online step-by-step guide to help you learn for free?

Where to Learn English Grammar Online step by step with Free app?

There are numerous websites online that offer free courses to help you learn English. We have produced a list of great sites you can visit and give a try.

You can download the application on your phone or bookmark on your computer or laptop any of the following free websites;

  • 5-Minute English Grammar Online Step by Step

If you are a beginner who wants to understand English grammar basics, this is a free online site to get you started. The explanations in 5-Minute English are clear and direct to the point. We also have a YouTube channel Ezypills with short and fun mini lessons that are very useful to your development  

However, why would you go to this free website? If you love short lessons and would like to learn more about prepositions, pronouns, tenses, pronunciation, and English idioms, this site got you covered. Nonetheless, it helps you discover some common grammar mistakes people make.

Therefore, going through this part will help you know when and where it is appropriate to use some terms.

Therefore, as a beginner who is not much fascinated by fancy designs websites, but wants to dig deep into what they provide, this is the go-to free platform to help you learn English.

  • Grammar Bytes

This is one of the free online websites where you can learn English grammar step-by-step from the simple to the more difficult concepts.

Just as the name suggests, this site presents mini-lessons and exercises to help you learn interactively.

However, why should you use this site? First, it is great for intermediate learners who want to have a fun experience when learning. What’s more, the lessons are quick, and they use PowerPoint presentations to aid in your learning.

The explanations in this free platform are easy to understand.

There are grammar rules for easy reference and a glossary with terms along with the exercises. Therefore, you can take advantage of these to improve your vocabulary.

Furthermore, be keen to check their Twitter account to access the grammar workout each week. Therefore, this free site is ready to help you learn.

This is another great online site that allows you to learn English grammar online step by step for free. Notwithstanding, you can adjust to the premium option.

The beauty of its free courses is that they are appropriate for learners of all levels. What’s more, when you use it, you will learn step by step, and you will get access to videos which you will watch and do the assignments.

What if you don’t like alone studies? Choose Ezylearn Language Academy. Why? This website allows you to learn with others, giving that feel of being in a classroom.

Best website to learn English grammar for free

The interaction between students and the teacher is possible here. Therefore, if you don’t like learning alone but would like to share a question or practice with someone else, why not try out the different online courses at Ezylearn Languages Academy Courses to help you learn?

  • EGO4U

This free platform for learning English grammar online step by step is appropriate for beginners and intermediate learners. Moreover, it is ideal for any student who loves to organize lessons. It is arranged step by step and orderly, in sections, so the student does not get lost when learning.

So, why would you go for EGO4U? If you would like to practice modes, tense and their examples, topics, and much more to improve your English grammar for free, this is the site to give a shot.

There are lots of exercises for practice. Also, you can discover some of the most confusing tenses in English grammar. Therefore, if you find distinguishing tenses a hassle, this is a free online platform for you to learn.

  • English Page

Are you an intermediate or advanced learner who is eager to learn more about English grammar online step by step? Then English Page is a good starting point. This free website contains tutorials to help you learn grammar. Also, if you want to learn about prepositions and tenses, it’s got you covered.

Why go for English Page? It is a great free online site for great exercises to help you learn. The good thing with their grammar exercises is that you will need to apply whatever you have learned by writing down the answer.

This is a fantastic way of practice. One downside of this free website is that it is not well organized the way others are.

If you want a free online site that helps you apply the English grammar you have learned and not only memorize, why not try English Page?

  • My English Pages

This free online website is great for learners from all levels. It contains English grammar step by step tutorials to help one learn and practice verb tenses, prepositions, parts of speech, clauses, determiners, and so on. Moreover, it is divided into sections to make learning easy and step by step.

Why would you choose My English Pages, though? The free website contains lots of examples and explanations on each topic. What’s more, there are links to help you practice what you learn. Therefore, with this free site, you can master what you learn. Therefore, if this is your goal, why not try My English Pages?

  • Daily Grammar

This free website defines simplicity, from how it looks to its contents. Any beginner or intermediate student with problems with parts of speech and sentences can take advantage of more than four hundred lessons available about the same on this site.

They are arranged in order, so you learn English grammar step-by-step.

If you are still wondering why to opt for this platform, worry no more. It has a glossary where you can check for a term, a blog post containing practice exercises, and e-textbooks and e-workbooks which you can purchase for more practice.


Therefore, if you want a simple free online website that allows you to learn English grammar and do lots of practice, Daily Grammar is the way to go.

  • British Council

This is one free online website that allows people from distinct levels to learn about English grammar. Importantly, it is great, especially for those who want to learn British English.

However, irrespective of the grammar you need to find information on, British Council got you sorted.

However, why would you opt for this free site? If you want to know how fluent you are in English, this is the way to go, as it will help you test your level.

Moreover, if you want to explore and find out more about different topics, you can take advantage of the practice exercises available. Therefore, this is the platform for people to test their fluency in English grammar regardless of their levels.


With a stable internet connection and a good device, you can learn English grammar online. What’s more, numerous websites allow you to do this all for free and in a step-by-step manner. The list is long, and they differ in features and levels of learners.

However, depending on what you prefer, watch, or read to learn, you can decide on the free site that suits you. Therefore, when you learn English grammar correctly, you can easily improve your understanding of the language and its rules and confidently and fluently speak, read, or write it.

What’s more, when you can do it free, the better. So, take advantage of the free websites and learn.


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