How to Learn English by listening #1 way

By Anerys McMahon-Ford

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Learn English with #1 resources by speaking

How to Learn English Speaking with the most exciting courses online 

How to learn English by listening, you must regularly practice it. This can mean working on your reading, writing, listening, or speaking skills.

However, must I be bold and learn to speak English by listening and speaking.  Will it be difficult, and where can start?

Luckily, there are ways you can practice your target language from the comfort of your own home.

If you want to know how to learn English by speaking and listening, then read on to learn what you can do to take your English learning to the next level.

How to Learn English Speaking

The best way to learn another language is by fully immersing yourself in the target language.

While you might not be able to pack up your life and move to a place where English is predominately spoken, there are a few other ways you can practice at home.

Practice English with Native Speakers

 If you have a friend or family member that is a native or near-native English speaker, then try practicing your English with them, this is one way to learn English by listening.

Speaking in another language is intimidating enough but finding someone you’re comfortable with can make it seem less intimidating.

Meet up someone or call them up and be bold and spend a few minutes each day speaking with them in English, Spanish or French as long as it is the language that you wish to master.

The longer the conversations, the better aim of learning to speak by listening. Have a regular schedule of no less that 30 minutes a call or a meet up. You will see the results faster.

How to Learn English Speaking, Best Online Classes for Learning English 

One of the best ways to practice English speaking is by watching TV shows, movies. 

You can also listen to songs in English with an English-speaking radio station that you can connect to the internet, also Spotify allows you to select several artists from all around the world that sing and speak English.

There are several benefits of watching popular television programs, blockbuster movies, and listening to trending songs to practice both language learning skills and learn about diverse cultures.

Here are only a few of the benefits:

  • You’ll learn common words and phrases natives use
  • You’ll learn more cultural elements about those who speak your target language such as:
    • Social cues
    • How they interact with peers
    • Traditions & customs
    • You can practice mimicking the words and accents you hear

Enroll in our English-speaking Courses

 The next best way to better your English learning skills is by enrolling in an accredited online course specific to your language learning goals.

Courses should focus on interactive language learning actives to help you frequently practice the language.

Learn English by speaking
One way to learn a language is by listening

Best Online Classes for Learning English by speaking.

Looking to learn English from an expert tutor? Then look no further than Ezylearn Academy—an online course that gives your real-time interaction with a knowledgeable teacher. Here we do not have large groups or bad resources.

Perfect for backpackers and those who are always on the go, with Ezylearn’s, you can easily start your course from anywhere in the world.

Ezylearn’s teachers are dedicated to helping you nurture your language learning skills by catering courses to your needs. With over 8 different English courses offered, you can choose the best option to fit your schedule and language learning goals.

Need more reasons to choose the Ezylearn Academy to learn English by listening?

Here are even more reasons why you should enroll with Ezylearn Languages Academy today:

  • Courses are online, not recorded
  • Specific courses for adults and children
  • Business English courses offered
  • Highly trained language teachers
How to learn English by Listening | How to learn English by Speaking
Learn English by speaking to a friend

Ready to Start?

The Ezylearn Languages Academy offers several language learning courses that you can choose from. Book a quick 15 minute session with one of Ezylearn’s teachers to learn more about the course, and to start your free English placement test.

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